Saturday, April 15, 2006

kittie door

Kittie has been inside for a very long time now. about 3 months. awhile ago I decided it was time to rebuild her route outside and get her a door. I salvaged lexan from my old design and bought a new door for $20 at lowes. I used water pipe insulation cut in half to go around the lexan and sandwich the plastic in the window jam. it worked beutifully.

after a few weeks of the install, it was obvious that kitty would never use it because she had no perch to jump up on and get back in, so jen and I went dumpster diving for some wood and in about 20 minutes I screwed two pieces of wood, sharpened the end, and pounded it into the ground with the baby sledge. I screwed a perch on top. looks like it should be perfect for femto (the cat) but she has grown so accustom to inside, and she despises our lack of landscape in the back so she mocks me by refusing to go out side. see if i ever build her another door.

if your interested in coping the design, make note that i used two pieces of lexan, otherwise it would have been very difficult to bend it into the jam. the door hole was cut, then each piece was put in the window and pushed to the edge. the cat door was screwed in (1 screw in each corner) and is what holds the two pieces apart and wedged in. foam was put on the top of the lexan and then the window pushed shut on top. sealed all the way around.

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forkev said...

i just used a peice of mdf and rough cut the cat door hole, then filed it to fit snug. bummer your window did not open to the side, it makes it a bit more tricky for somoen to get their arm in there and try to open the window.

we're happy, becaue as of yet our little kitty oscar has yet to figure out how to get outside. he's viscious though, he bit my hand so hard i could lift him off the floor. i'm pretty sure he could take care of himself, but he's loud when norman and him go at it. they're still working out the pecking order thing. bummer I keep finding back hair in clumps. i think oscar has bitten off more then he can chew when he antagnizes norman.