Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Nielsen called last night. the person started off by saying they were not selling anything and they wanted me to represent the demographics in northern nevada. I agreed to do this and answered a few question survey.

* age of household owner
* number in household
* type of shows watched
* was I black or spanish

they then said they would like to send me a booklet to record my tv viewing for 1 week. it was all postage payed and I could send it back after. I agree to do this.

then he asked how many Tv's. I said 0 (we watch everything on computer). long dull silence....... thank you for your time. I'm really looking forward to the little pamplet but I have a bad feeling.........

so..... I would not have taken the survey, except i'm in marketing management class right now and I felt it was a good idea to get first hand knowladge of nielson and their methods.

1) they missed out on measuring video on demand trends (ABC is trying it now)
2) what exactly is a TV? just because my CRT does not have a receiver in it, does not make it NOT a television.


forkev said...


I got a similar phone call asking about my tv watching experience and i asked who they represented. they said they could not tell me. I explained to them I can't talk to people that don't tell me who they are. that was the end of that.

another call i got asked if there was someone in the house 18 years of age or older that they could talk to. I told them we did not have any 18 year olds here, an they said 'ok' and hung up.

today we got home and had 4 (yes FOUR) return calls about our interest in a morgage. it turns out someone filled out one of those 'i wonder how much money i could get...' things on the internet and it went to 4 companies. problem is, they don't know their phone number. I was very sad that alodia when calling these companies explaining the phone number mix up did not bother to remember the name of the webpage. that was some perfect spam tool juice right there. what's better then filling up your email? getting people to call you!

k2h said...

try havnen't you heard the slogan 'when banks compete, spam wins!'

forkev said...

that nielsen company must be pretty large. i've read about there here