Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fist fight -> high speed layout

this week has been a terrible start. two employees bickering, no backup from HR, and EHS got mixed in to throw things off..... no fun at all. last night to retaliate against my employees I cleaned out my office to bare minimum. my office is usually clutttered with projects and what not.... so it pretty much looks like i quit. to top it off yesterday and today i'm in a high speed PCB layout class (really good) so i'm not at my desk. my goal is to make it look like my employees drove me to quit. i fell like quiting.


forkev said...

bummer on the politics. It sounds painful.

I managed to tag along with alodia to a confernece in Vancouver BC and i get to work remotely for the last half of the week and polish a project. We got upgraded to the 19th floor that overlooks the harbor just north of vancouver island for FREE and i have 2mbit highspeed internet FREE (thanks to alodia reading the fine print and signing up to their presnetial club on the internet - free of course). It looks like the balance has swung in my favor this week - but just so you know, lastweek without the water at our office, i'd clearly give you the favored balance.

k2h said...

the week ended just as bad as it began. right now all I can say is I love the money from my job, but i'm unable to say i love my job.