Thursday, April 13, 2006


ReactOS definitly has some room for growth, but it may be a nice choice to get some windows programs running that linux does not support. it's interesting to say the least.
an open source clone of windows nt (2000 and xp) that is working on directX support but runs for simple stuff. cool.


Molly Cutlass said...

Another open source project? Those went out of style with the box men.

forkev said...

box men? you mean like the box men in tokyo that are homeless?

I'm not familiar with the term

k2h said...

I vagualy remember reading about ReactOS a while ago. I wonder if it would actually work as a dumbed down version of 2000. if they can get all the scripting stuff to work in there I this has great potential. if back end scripting isn't running, like directx / VB, etc... then it won't work in a production environement.

forkev said...

they have an update which looks nice. anyone install it yet?