Sunday, April 16, 2006


for years i've wondered why inexpensive large scale attacks did not take place more frequently: like those little nail spikes (bend two nails, weld at 90 degree angle and get a little piramid) dumped all over a busy freeway frequently - maybe an auto dump from over passes or something.

or why not just chop down electrical poles and lines all over the place?

semi-organized gangs of a few people could bring a city to a stand still - maybe even easier with fire.

well, i finally found a blog with MANY ideas here.
i'm pleased to announce my ideas are not origional.

i'm still looking for a radio controlled delevery system - ope, just search for 'radio' - there, there's even an idea for a ham.


forkev said...

this dude did his homework and wrote a story from his findings. disturbing.

k2h said...

jen said "oh great, kevs going to get us tagged as a terrorist blog"

hahah.... way to go kev!

Dan said...

What it comes down to is that when you do things like that it tends to piss off the FBI, the ATF, the DHS, and a lot of other people. These people (and there are quite a few of them) get paid to do nothing but find you and remove you from society. Most intelligent people choose not to engage in those activities. Also, while crashing cars would be fun to watch; hurting people sucks, just spend a little time in a hospital. Go get tickes to a destruction derby or something.

Today there was an amber alert here, my employer sends out a page to all of their employess carrying pagers for amber alerts (kinda cool eh?) Hits about 10k people in about 5 seconds. Some guy stole a ford explorer with a kid in the back. It was recovered a few hours later. My impression is that when you really piss off law enforcement they get things done. Unlike our truck that didn't have a kid in it and took 3 months to turn up :(. Same thing with terrorism, but much worse. Few intelligent people really want to lives their lives on the run or in prison.

I've always maintained an intelligent terrorist would be really scarry. That is why some of the eco-terrorism groups are very interesting to study. They are generally ran by intelligent people and can be very cordinated...

forkev said...

I think i'm gonna side with dan. I do live by nothern idaho, and feel safer at times knowing the average idahoian has like 5 guns. someone may pull a fast one on the east cost with a sniper rifle, but try that in the northwest and i doubt the average citizian will observe it unless it's through a scope.

k2h said...

i like your comment about observing a shooter through you scope. very fitting, and I think in line with idaho ideals.