Friday, April 07, 2006

polaris vrs BMW

I try to ride when the weather allows and when I don't have to haul a bunch of crap cuase I dn't have a carrier yet. well..... that results in me riding so far, about once a week.

today was the big day. weather was good. I continued my exploration on a mostly offroad route back from work. this afternoon I worked on a section north of carson. I found two girls riding 4-wheelers. I explained where I was trying to go, and the older one (maybe 13?) said.. .ahh.. yeah.. thats where we are going.. follow us.

then she said "wait.. is that a dual sport?" you see it doesn't really look like it. 1200CC's compared to her 250 cc polaris. her friend was riding an 80cc 4wheeler. it had trouble on even the most basic of grades.

riding behind these two girls gave me confidence that what ever route that had found I'd be able to make it. the first big rut and the girl on the 250 had to get off and pull the front end out of the ditch to continue the excursion. it was quite a big rut, but I forgot what additional troulbe and extra set of wheels can introduce.

For most of the 3 mile trip I followed behind, in first gear, pretty much at walking speed (remember the 80cc?) I didn't want to push the girls and get them hurt so I just took it easy. half way up one hill I just couldn't take it any more and speed past them to wait at the top. the girl on the 250 said "I bet my polaris can take your BMW". I just had to smile =)

so... I added another 3 miles of offroad up and over a mountain range to my return trip. I'm up to about 30% offroad 70% street for my return trip, a very good progression to my goal of all offroad on fridays.

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forkev said...

you should have said 'shall we race... pink slips?'

at least they were out there having fun. i'm sure i'd have been the one dismounting too.