Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So, my nearly 450 miles on the road today, and successful border crossing into (gear up the theme song: Oh...) Canada gave me the oportunity to see several new vehichles including the toyota sienna. I'm sure this name was conveniently conjured from someone's memory of gradeschool - but i've got good news for you; burnt sienna manages to fall within the top 50 favorite colors according to the manufacturer, AND had it's name salvaged in 2003 from being removed.

So, this got me to thinking; the crayon almost got the ax, and the car should have - and 'burnt' is the key word...

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k2h said...

nice! when I hear sienna, I automatically think of burnt. they should have polled the effect craoyla has had on modern society before naming their car [burnt] sienna

where the pic come from?

forkev said...

i made the pic after finding the 3 components on google images. do you want the paint.net native file with the three layers?