Thursday, April 27, 2006

Global Night Commute

Last week Alodia and I visited a church in Seattle. They had a presentation about the Global Night Commute - a nationwide event designed to raise media awareness and spur government action to help the children of northern Uganda.
This event is being held in MANY cities across the United States (as well as other countries). Currently there are over 40,000 people signed up worldwide.
The event begins THIS Sabbath evening at 7pm.
Please devote a few minutes to review the event, what it represents, and if you wish to be involved.


palegreenhorse said...

looks like a good cuase and well organized. my complete introverted self just won't do it though.

gloria jean said...

I'll be attending with some friends this Saturday in San Jose, California. Thanks for posting. We need to get the word out!

forkev said...

picture of what we saw when we went. pretty cool. we stayed until the rain made us pretty cold, and left. bummer it rained.