Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun People

we flew southwest for our trip to riverside (flew into ontario airport, no not canada) . on the way down keith went to put our bags in the overhead bin and we were toward the front of the line and so were surprised that a bin was already closed, like it was full. so keith opened it up to see if it was really fully and out popped one of the ladies working as a flight attendant. it was pretty funny. then the guy doing the announcements had a pretty good spiel including, "the flight attendants will now come through the cabin to make sure your chair is upright, tray table locked and up, and to make sure your socks match your shoes..." and some other stuff that i can't remember.
on the way back, the pilot was saying what the weather was in oakland (we didn't have to change planes there but did stop to let people off/get new people) and said it was 12 degrees. and just stopped. waiting for people to process that he just said 12 degrees. and then continued with "celsius, or 54 degrees farenheit." he also got on to say the seat belt sign was now off and you could wander aimlessly about the cabin but not to congregate in the lavoratory.

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forkev said...

southwest. my favorite.

so, job?