Sunday, April 16, 2006

1909 VDB

Jen and I went to a friends house for easter sunday. I never realized how much people in our society celebrate this day! we never did much for it growing up, i remember when we were young we'd do the traditional easter egg hunts and kick the bunny stuff, but now that we are moderatly grown up, we don't seem to do much. my how people like to celebrate, half of the people at work were gone on friday.

anyway, so the people we went to eat with collect pennies. I was sorting through a recent purchase helping him categorize them and we ran across a 1909 VDB. about $3.50 for this penny. if it had been a 1909 S VDB, it would have been about $1,000. The VDB is on the back, at the bottom.


forkev said...

counterfit the s and make a cool $996.50 minus costs.

which friend?

k2h said...

mike (wood cuttin' mike)

forkev said...

first pigion races, and now coins. that guy has a diverse interest set.