Sunday, April 16, 2006

new fans/lights

we payed $300 each to have the den wired for overhead light and fan, and the living room to have it wired the same. high time we get to it and replace the bare receptical cover in the celing with a real fan/light combo.

one cost $50 on closeout special (flush mount to ceiling) this one had light colored blades as an option so we put it in the den (computer rooms area) the other had 6" standoff from celining and darker blades, payed the full $89 for that one. so in the end, about $150 to put half way decient ceiling fans with light fixtures in the living area of the house. both have super quit motors. we were wondering why it costs less for a fan with decent lights than it would for just the light fixture? weird.

we shopped home depot, and lowes, and ended up buying both from home depot. installed one last night, and the other this morning.