Wednesday, April 12, 2006

corny jokes for the day...

What's green, lying on the side of the road, and covered in cookie crumbs?

What's purple and goes slap slap slap slap?

What's lying on the side of the road and goes ding dong?

(compliments of my boss. It was a LONG day)


k2h said...

1) kermit beat up by the cookie monster

2) barnie being drug behind a truck

3) i'm stumped

~ AH ~ said...

so, answers are:

a dying girlscout

a four door grape

a dying avon saleslady

k2h said...

I like the grape one.. it took us a bit to get it though. are you calling my car a grape now?

on a side note, about 3 years ago on one of the T-Days dan called my car gay. I was sitting in class the other night and the class agreed that VW GTI series was very femenine. Its been confirmed, I have a 'gay' car. its not a GTI, its a TDI, but thats like asking if a guy should wear hot orange, or pink.

Dan said...

car talk called it gay... I'm still envious of the milage, but the next vehicle we get will probably be a small truck, so I'll still be envious of your milage.