Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I got jen a new game (GBA) for christmas.. well, kinda new, no one had it in the store so we saved 5$ and got it for 25$ at a used shop. the guy was really nice and I'd be surprised if he wasn't the owner. just the right amount of interaction with the customer without being 'pushy' or 'overwhealming', so I'd definatly go back.

the game we got? Wario Ware, INC. yeah.. I think its been out for about 1.5 years now, but it seems like it should be fun. a nearly complete guide can be found HERE.


forkev said...

halo2 is my christmas present from alodia :)
she's cool.
oh yes. and I needed an xbox to play it on - so we we'll get one of those to.
I found a 2.4ghz wireless controller that claims 100 hours of game play with the rumble pack turned off (4aa batteris) that was 5$ less then the standard controllers. questioning if there was some design flaw with it to make it so cheep, i got it - tested it at jim's, and must say i'm impressed. a different feel, but a few hours later i like it better then what i'd been playing with for 1.5 years.
we need a second controller if we're going to play any games together in the absence of my xbox online alternative which is pretty much a wrapper for a network games mode.

k2h said...

i'm glad to hear you're going to get a game system that you'll like! I hope alodia will want to play it with you. so are you still using that 32" tv that we passed onto you? (or watever size it was)

we are still running on the 21" sun monitor for EVERYTHING, internet, computer, and tv/movies

seems to fit our lifestyle fine. my mother-in-law just asked me if we have one of those new HDTV's yet and I thought about it for a second and then said yup.. we sure do. well kinda. I think the sun monitor tops out at 2000 something by 1500 something? can't remember. i don't use it that high anway.

k2h said...

update on wario:
we played it on the plane, and while we were waiting to transfer. it lives up to its name of being something you can pick up and play in line, etc... its easy to start, stop and still feel as though you've been rewarded for your gameplay time.

I made one fatal mistake though. I didn't bring the NIMH batteries this time, and in an attempt to travel ultra light I opted to just take two sets of alkaline batterys for the GBA instead of 2 sets of nimh + the charger. what happened? we got about 4 hours of play time on the alkaline. that kinda sux. I must have week alkaline (duracel?) maybe they spent to much time inthe fridge. we've been in the house for over 2 years now and i think they've been in there most of the time so maybe when they say batteries have a shelf life of 5 years they mean they are TOTALLY dead after 5 years. if I factor in 1 year shelf time, and 2 years in my fridge, then maybe the alkalkines were only half full. thats all I can think of because the power desnity of alkaline is more than the nimh (i think) AND since alkalkine has a higher cell potential(1.5V vrs 1.26V) the low voltage detect chip or equivelant in the gba should get more operating voltage range out of the alkaline.

ahh well.. i'll just have to buy some more batteries. we made it with two small carry ons and the camera (pelican 1500 case)