Thursday, December 16, 2004


so What kinda drivers are you guys anyway? I myself use to drive exclusively in the right lane (except for lane changes) but after 80,000 miles of commuting to work I find myself in the left lane much more than the right. where do you guys drive?


forkev said...

my driving style is based on rage.
the more angry i am the faster i start and stop.
if i'm in a convesation, i drive like a grandma for safty reasons.
this annoys alodia who has commented about it recently.
i end up in the left lane more (as i've never had a ticket) and people making right hand turns screw my 'constant speed = better fuel economy' philosophy up.

Janell said...

Right hand - I follow most states (well most of the ones I drive in) rule of keep right except to pass. I get annoyed at slow people in the left lane, and think fast people should appreciate people like me who are in the right so I don't slow them down (most of the time). Although going through ID the through traffic keep left is odd to me. Maybe if it really was that busy it would be ok but most of the time it doesn't seem that bad... at least in some areas. Oh well...