Thursday, December 23, 2004

title - monster

i'm taking a snapshot of that right now for archival puposes.
that is one huge title.
i'm assuming sarah granted us that! (based on the use of YAY)

we all use to be students together but have since graduated [most of us] and moved on in life. the posting group is comprised of an Electrical Engineer (Professinal engineer certified), a Computer Engineer (NOT certified), a chemist that is about a year away from PhD certification, a business/computer expert (BS), a mechanical engineering student 4'th year(projected BSME), a biologist that just graduated with her MASTERS (yay), and even a professional librarian turned web developer!(AS in graphics arts) thus the term 'nerdy tales'. Repeat readers that don't always post include, A teacher, a professional assistant, and of course all the nerds that write. Feel Free to inject a comment either ontopic or off as it makes it lots of fun! We especially like insightful comments, witty comments, and comments that prove our assumptions were/are way off.


Sarah said...

Sorry, wasn't me. Does that mean I get royalties for the use of "yay"?

forkev said...

yes, yes you do.
one clike per use, for implemenation on any website of your choosing.

k2h said...

who blew away 'the title monster'. good thing you took a snapshot of it cuase I kinda like it.. I did write it so maybe i'm biased. who republished without the title monster, can I put it back or do you other posting nerds hate it?

k2h said...

ok.. i put the title monster back. to be fair its actually listed as a DESCRIPTION in the blog, and is limited to 500 words. i'm assuming it won't let me keep typign if I exceed my words but I didn't count them or ask a program to count.

the reason I put a description in there was to give the blog a bit of a background for those that are passing by and I was hoping it would make the place feel more friendly and encourage random comments. until the random comments get obseen or obtrusive I'd like to invite them just so we can learn who and what kind of people are reading this!

forkev said...

i didn't like it at first
but it's now growing on me.

k2h said...

I think blogger keeps deleting it. I had thought it was 500 WORDS limit, but it seems it is 500 CHARACTERS limited. and instead of enforcing the rule upfront i'm thinking it enforces it on the backend by removing it AFTER i've published.

I have trimmed it to 489 characters WITH spaces so hopefully it will stay for more than a day now.