Tuesday, December 07, 2004


if dans posting we know things have gotten lax. contrary to popular belief I actually DO work and have been busy. thats my excuse. the other excuse is that its just a plane old slow news day! I've got nothing much to say.

if you guys ever see farscape episode 2-09 OUT OF THEIR MINDS jen and I got a big hit out of the cross gender plot. yeah.. yeah.. call me a sick-o but it was funny. a full review here, but it lacks the humor of some of the scenes. you'd have to see it to appreciate they always say....

off to the QNX RTOS class/sales pitch.

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Dan said...

I didn't post from work, I posted from home you dope... work is for work, my browser rarely ventures far off the company network. Anyway I stayed up too late playing with the 3d software and thought it was so cool you guys might want to see it. RTOS sounds like fun.