Wednesday, December 22, 2004

cell choices

so jen and I are thinking of getting cell phones. KEY WORD THINKING..... we are leanging towards att, but who knows. what cell service do all your guys use or IF you were to get a cell phone who do you think you would go with so if I get free M2M (mobile to mobile) I want to know who I could talk to unsafely when I should be driving.


forkev said...

i don't have a cell phone - no so much to make me a better driver, it's so i can get sleep at night.
i've enough calls i refuse to answer, why do i need something else rining?

forkev said...

i myself use '11' as my mobile to mobile carrier, and for the most part it is free.
i walk on over to alodia's desk with my two legs (hence 11) and it works out pretty good/well.

mari said...

re: forkev
ahh... that explains alot. the whole you not answsering the phone thing! I think moms tried to call you and not got through so she assumed you wern't there. do you have caller ID? we don't and we recently got blessed with 'the worst call ever' mayhbe i'll write about it.

k2h said...

oh... that previous post was me. I forgot to log the last person out of hte computer.

Sarah said...

If anything, having a cell phone has made me talk on the phone less. I feel absolutely no obligation to answer the phone if I don't feel like it. I have voicemail; if it's important, they'll leave a message. If they don't care enough to leave a message, then it's probably not worth my time to answer. :)

But to answer the actual question, we use AT&T (now Cingular). We get a pretty good deal for the four phones (Daniel, Leanna, Peter and I) and M2M between us. I'm honestly not sure how the "outside the plan" M2M works; I need to check my statement to see if I get charged for calls to Tammy Knauff, who's also on AT&T.

I assume quality will vary by location, but I'd say ours is "good"; not great, but not poor. We drop calls from time to time (mostly when Daniel's driving home and trying to chat at the same time) but we've got good coverage.

forkev said...

i was wondering about mari's mom.
i answer the phone when i want to. i have an answering machine - and it does a nice job.
but, actually, i've not been home much during the week for quite some time. why just the othenite i got home in time to eat dinner at 10:15. yeah. what on earth.
i also am busy trying to resolve 'speed' issues with a network i helped setup for bev and dan - it seems the only thing that runs slowly is their customer management software and those tech support guys like to blame hardwear. i'm to the point of reading the documentation (the customer software place) on their imbedded software that they purchased to force more tests out of them. i'll probaly have to reinstall the os from scratch, reconfigure, and reproduce the unacceptable behavior to get anyone to fix anything. translation: more time i don't answer the phone 'cuz i'm not here.