Friday, December 10, 2004

segway (mild curse)

first off i'll explain the mild curse... the only encounter with segways i've had is with one exceptionally stupid lady that 1. ran into the table that i was eating at outside (yes into the table with the velocity increasing rather than decreasing) 2. rammed into the door when she came to 'fix' a problem with the computer in a classroom. so my only experience with the things consitutes needing and airbag.

anyways, i was looking at some of the pictures on and came across some that were fake games.
this then reminded me about the guy who took one from washington to massachusets. now that's a good use of technology!


forkev said... is on par with that. wow. what will they come up with next? burning tires?

palegreenhorse said...

nice burning tires. jen says it reminds her of springfield. given the diversity of the photo site, i'm surprise you didn't post something more like this...

forkev said...

my behavior directly corrosponds to other activities in my life.
therefore, knowing that alodia reads nerdytails frequently, it's in my best 'inturest' to keep it on othe up and up.
otherwise, it'd be like comitting sexual suicide.