Friday, December 17, 2004

abusive car

My car has taken so much abuse and it only has 92,000 miles on it so far. by abuse I mean the verbal kind, not the dented kind. first dan insulted it by citing some obscure reference to the golf as being 'the gayest car on the road'. now while not the most politically correct, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. now It seems I got stuck on a thread on bad drivers on and someone said according to NPR the jetta (basically the same as the golf in my book) is the most recless vehicle on the road.

Dave!! (dice): nice to see you check into the blog! you gotta email me and let me know what your doing for christmas!


palegreenhorse said...

ahhh car talk this past weekend dealt with a similar issue, although with the beatle not the jetta/golf, on last week's show (click on segment 6). listen to the end because it puts you in a different category. =)

Quixcube said...

Nah, the Golf isn't the gayest car on the road. That would be the Jeep Wrangler. Followed by a Miata. The Golf is probably at least fourth or fifth.

Honestly though, I am happy to see your Golf has made it to 92k. My Jetta was nearly dead at 20k. Thank god Carmax isn't picky about trade-ins.

k2h said...

jeep wrangler... yup. got one of those too. I don't like where this is going! =)

forkev said...

that was funny.
and he had no way of knowing either.

k2h said...

we took a poll at this household (we are in the middle of nebraska for christmas) and we have settled on the cadillac escilade as being the gayest car. I think there may be worse but thats our concesus for now.