Friday, December 10, 2004

$1 car wash

theres a place on my way into work that is a doityourself car wash for $1.00. that buys you 4 minutes of time. options are the sprayer that includes at least 3 kinds of soaps, wax, rinse solution, water rinse, and then theres the brush scrubber option. so you can mix and match anyway you want for 4 minutes.

with one person my results were mediocre, but since I don't wash my car but once every few months I did notice an improvement. If there had been another person to run the brush while I ran the sprayer (or vice versa) the results would have most likely been more impresive.

This whole experience got me thinking that next time I need a little extra cash i'm going to put a sign out in front of the doityourself car wash and offer to wash peoples cars. maybe do it for 2$. 1$ goes to quarters, and 1$ proffit. if you worked non stop for an hour that would be a proffit of $15, assuming you could get a line of cars. now that may not sound like much but if kev and I put on a good show (like we always do when we do stuff like this) i'm sure the tips could tripple our takehome.

who wants to help me make $50 in an hour?!! any takers?


forkev said...

i say we coulple this withyour last post, and your co worker can take his shirt off and boost us to 60$ per hour.

great idea. i'll have to find a place in spokane that does this. this sounds better then raking leaves (which there are a lot of, and something alodia thought up) for the neighbors.

palegreenhorse said...

raking leaves is probalby more fun (wear leather gloves so the rake handle doesn't wear your hands out)

and....... its more applicable to old people, ones that won't be taking the car to the carwash.

forkev said...

but you gotta ask yourself, which age class of society has more money they are will to consider dispensable.

Sarah said...

You could offer a package deal: leaf raking AND car washing.

Dan said...

I don't know if I'd let them wash my car... let alone Sarah's car.