Monday, December 13, 2004

Made in China

Everyone is complaining about the outsource to china innitiateves. so to show that not EVERYTHING that comes from china is crap how about everyone post the first thing they come across that says made in china on it and after awhile we can see if it is crap or not. (it has to say MADE IN CHINA on it, usually on the back)

i'll get things started. I have a Casio FX-115MS $15 calculator. I actually like it better than my 150$ HP calc (the HP-48G probably costs $99 now ,but who knows). the reason is that its cheep, and simple. to do more complex calculations I just use my computer.

jen's made in china item (not crap at all, it is my work buddy)

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Sarah said...

I'll post mine when we bother to get the pics off the camera.