Friday, December 17, 2004

Cat Scan

So, to follow up on Jen's radiation post... I got more x-rays today and bought a copy of my cat scan that was done about 2 months ago... it cost $5 and came with the same software the radiologists use :)... here are a couple of snap shots (oh and keith you can see the screws are poking in my body... all but one of the screws went into the vertebral body. One did not, and a couple went through the respective verterbral body.

And a cool animation on spinal surgery :)
Cool surgery animation


palegreenhorse said...

keith and i agree, "arghhhaaa, ewww" in general that looks painful.

palegreenhorse said...

oh ya... and it is CT scan for computed tomography
unless you really are scanning your cat (which i would do as a demonstration, but i am afraid our kitty would scratch our scanner).

forkev said...

nice pics.
bummer you had to gothrough so much to get them.
i put forth that it was not worth the investment - yet at least you have something to show for it (the pictures).