Thursday, December 09, 2004

free cms

I desire a free/open source jump starts to a strong website, mostly php based.
content management systesm.

check out for some ones in development and for comparisons.
then visit for some live demos.

I'm currently harbering a little rebel project and tryhing to see what i can cook up for FREE on my own time that runs in open source (for distrobution reasons, and largely becuase of dan's influence) so we can re-program our website into something remotely mangaged by the in house users/audience and the core may be useful to churces/ other conferences.

i've liked mambo, cpg-nuke, phpwcms, typo3, xoops.
anyone have any suggestions or war stories?

i really need to manage files, have security for those files and usergroups with varied permissions. a calander that can filter based on context (public or private, department, ect) and web-managed dynamic forms if possible (a huge problem, people wanting info but not wanting to manage email, dynamic webforms would be nice so we can just scrape it outta a database)
a forum would be nice with layers and users, but is not essential for .1 release.


Sarah said...

I'm really liking Mambo right now for general purpose web publishing. I'm playing with templating and will get into modules soon.

However, if you're looking for something more along the lines of groupware, I like eGroupware. I've got it running for the folks at work now and it's pretty powerful. Better for its specific tasks (primarily intranet) than Mambo, but Mambo's better for general web consumption.

If you really want to get into it, check out obliquid. It's not a CMS or groupware, it's a framework in which to build that kind of thing. VERY powerful as far as security and rights management go, but it was a little overkill for my needs at the moment.

forkev said...

outstanding feedback. thanks sarah,