Thursday, December 02, 2004

cat digging

whats the best thing your kitty has ever dug up? jens mom had denise bring in a snake and play with it in the toilet (thats a fun surprise). our kitty brought in a woodpecker and let it go in the master bedroom at 6:30am. nothing like waking up to a bird flying through your hair. our kitty also brings mice in from OUTSIDE. you'd think it be the other way around but its not. today I talked with a guy from work that said his cat dug a 'floater' our of the toilet!


Sarah said...

Boca has taken to bringing in worms and chunks of thatch.

forkev said...

we don't have a cat. ocassionally i track in mud or something.
after meeting boca, i think we want a cat, we just don't want to have to feed, care, or worry about it. hmm, maybe we'll adopt a stray and then when we tire of it, set it free again.

palegreenhorse said...

you can't do that! i hope if you set it free again it scratches a hole in your thin walls and returns to gorge in your fridge and use your underwear drawer as a litter box.