Tuesday, December 28, 2004


have you ever heard it said that '80% of car accidents happen less than 5 miles from home' or some other rediculous claim? well it may not be all wrong. check out what chase has to say about it HERE

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~ AH ~ said...

I have heard that before. My guess is that w/in 5 miles from home, people are just getting "settled" into the car - fiddling with music, heat, kids, drinks, etc. still thinking about what they've got or forgotten, where they're going, and so on. So they're basically still screwing around, and they get in an accident.

or another thought - what's w/in 5 miles of your house? maybe it's the stores, post office - the "little errands", that are where everyone's headed. who knows. but i do believe it to be true...