Saturday, March 18, 2006

T-day 06

if people want to do thanksgiving at our house this year we'd be happy to have you! we have 3 extra bedrooms, and if everyone lets me know ahead of time I'll make sure theres a decent bed in each one. bring the welt makers.


Dan said...

I thought that was the idea... I need to break down and get a good gun, maybe Kev can just hook me up since he's becoming the expert. I just hope to not get any repeat welts.

k2h said...

keep on hoping. your going down.

forkev said...

i have some armor (which saved me 5 welts today and didn't block the 6th) that came with my second tippmann 98 custom purchase (used, but it had all sorts of goodies and an AWESOME barrell that has those around me think my velocity is turned up all the way when in reality i can't make it go any slower - the barrell is super effecient.. so that brings me to 4 guns. even after watching an autococker today, i still perfer the tippman 98 custom. it's so tough.

so, 4 guns, some armor, a remote kit, about 12 pods and three pod carriers (think extra ammo strapped to your leg or back) 4 masks (WAYYY better then the rental nasties), and 5 tanks - 3 20oz, 1 16 oz, and 1 12 oz. plenty of juice.

i've got about 500 rounds left from thanksgiving, but those should be gone by the end of the month. I'm a minimalist - but today the 300 rounds I shot sure did feel good.

alodia says 'kevin if that is where you want to go for thanksgiving,then ok'
so, the way i see it, i get some time on some motercycles, paintball, see friends, and parents all in one trip. count us in.

palegreenhorse said...

you can invite some friends/family to come so it doesn't totally suck for you. sorry we aren't more entertaining for you.