Friday, March 10, 2006

movie hoodwinked

Hoodwinked, the movie was quite entertaining. About 1 hour into it, there was a hillarious chuck of dialogue:

Villian: "why don't you go home and cry to your granny?
Dolf, tie up the brat.
Lisa, hold the book.
Vincent, get the truck.
And Keith, ... darn it, change your name, please? That's not ... scary, and I'm embarassed to say it. 'Boris' try that. Keeiith, you know, ohhh watch out for keith... "

Hero interjects: "Your crazy!"

Villian: "Maybe so, but I'm top of the woods now!"

-=launch into song by villian.


k2h said...

AWESOME! my name made it into a film. if jen and I go to the theater (only a few times a year) we ALWAYS sit and watch the credits to see 'what part we played in the film'. i'm usually a best boy, or some kinda grip (is that for milking cows?) occasionally a modeler (clay) or rigger or something. now I've had my debue! i'm actually IN THE FILM. wow.

palegreenhorse said...

i love it. "Keith" ... "That's not ... scary"
i'll have to watch the movie so i can get it right. then i can mock both the twins. one with that and the other with "Kevinnnnnn"

Dan said...

it was pretty funny we have Keeevin from the 3.2.1.penguins and now the not so scary villian Keith. We actually saw the movie in a theater last weekend (namely cause I tweaked my knee learning to snowboard and need a weekend off of sports). Oh and the theater was $3.50 a ticket and that came with $3.00 worth of candy / pop / popcorn.

forkev said...

the 321 penguins and vacuum cleaner do come to mind around thanksgivings. why did my kevin penguin have to be soooo ..... briliant?. uh, yeah, that's it.