Saturday, March 25, 2006

google video soldering

google video can teach you to solder... kind of. I didn't see where it explained wetting, flux, or the need to clean with alchol but it gets you started.


~ AH ~ said...

keith, are you sick or something? it seems you have a lot of time here to be posting miscellaneous things... just wondering

Aaron Keogh said...

Just wondering if you'd be interested in bloging / podcasting about Matrixstream's cutting edge video on demand and IPTV Technology ( TV over broadband ). This is a technology that allows the consumer to receive a potential for unlimited VOD / IPTV content up to 1080P in H.264 codec over any broadband connection on a PC Player or set top box for TV ( IMX1020 1080P High definition STB - the world's first 1080P H.264 STB ) If you'd like to see pictures and video's of the this new STB you can go to . Let us know if your interested.

Yours Truly Aaron Keogh

Tel: 604-291-7727



k2h said...

I'm not sure what a podcast has to do with soldering, are you selling a kit or something that I would need the solder skills to assemble? more likely your spamming us. nice job on pushing a technology that failed in both the late 90's and through the dot com boom/bust. I wish you luck on making it successful but until you come up with a real colution for the last mile delima, it won't matter if you have an AWESOME solution for video on demand, I won't have the bandwidth to use it.

if your not spam, i'm sure you'll write back and let us know what I have to solder.

forkev said...

is it ethical to use his email ( in my new spam engine i'm writing - ya know, just to test it and see if it's up to speed?

I see a serious need for a tool that you put someone's nasty email adress in, and it .... ya know ... it signs them up for 4000 emails. my prototype is running ... hmmm, tempting.

k2h said...

don't sign him up just yet, give him a chance to let us know what has to be soldered in the videon on demand system he's toting. I'd give him a week, then see how he likes spam.

palegreenhorse said...

i am dying for a spam tool. there is a spammer from school that has a hotmail account that keeps sending 'newsletters' out to all unr people and i'd like to get them back. they say you can't unsubscribe. everytime i get an e-mail from them i subscribe them to more table of contents by e-mail from misc journals.

Dan said...

Has it ever occured to you that spam is often sent from a unmonitored email address... however signing the phone number up on a personals site might be worthwhile... (this is all of questionable legality though so it is probably better to just complain about it and do nothing.)

forkev said...

dan: oh yes! that is why it makes a spam tool so useful. I put the burdon of people needing to sign email addresses up on their own machine, and realy on unethical spammers to do the dirty work. My tool, although a product of my brain, has no ties to me when in use. I uses virtual dynamic forms in javascript to 'post' or 'get' info to a given url using a javascript controlled iframe on the client. is all I do is make sure whoever 'needs' the tool gets a hefty javascript array with sites, form field names, and default values. they can fill in the rest, or just click 'go'.

forkev said...

ho ho ho
the last peice of the puzzle has fallen into place. the spam engine is done (been done for 2 months) but i've found a wonderful source of spammers.
it's like christmas in my email. well, someone else's at least.