Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scorched Earth 3D

15 years ago, Scorched Earth on the 386 with my dad and brothers was a monsterous riot of fun.
It does my heart good to find it's not been forgotten AND that open source, multiplatform compiles have struck again.

Scorched 3D has a bit of a learning curve, and i'm getting use to the view, but POTENTIAL it does have!


k2h said...

it got a download from both jen and I on seperate occasions (she didn't want to copy it from my network share cause I forgot to tell her I DL'd it)

I Have yet to install it, and attempt it. will play teams over open internet? if so, it may be fun to schedule a battle some night after work with all the nerds (the readers of this blog) for an hour or 2

Dan said...

I played it a few times the camera control is a little tweaky and takes some getting used to but it is pretty dang cool.

k2h said...

played a quick round against dumb computer last night and it was kinda fun. the 3d adds an element that makes it a bit more complicated that the origional, but still fun. I forgot about the wrap, and they way they implemented it with the bouys was pretty neat.

forkev said...

find a good angle, then mouseover your target and press the A key - then it's only elevation and power you factor in (unless your shotting off the walls or through them)
someguy on one of the public servers talked about it tonight and it worked well.

Matthew said...

Yes, I've given it a whirl. Looks more pleasing to the eye. But I don't think the camera control is that great.

Still, it's a bit of fun. Especially the on-line mode. Come to my blog to read a bit more on it.