Thursday, March 16, 2006

Centarsia at work

A few months ago, a web design company contacted us about using Centarsia as a backend tool for a website. They needed it to automatically make a queue from a folder location and provide some sort of output that their Flash app could use. Daniel pretty much never does this kind of work for people (too little interest in more obligations), but the end customer is the MS Society (the folks behind the MS150) and we quoted a price we could live with.

In the end, they got a nice little program that runs from the command line and they've developed this site with it: (the part after the intro). Unfortunately, it only works on Internet Explorer with Flash installed, but still, it's kind of cool to see a creative application of the technology.


k2h said...

the real question is, did they send you a postcard or not? (isn't it still postcard ware?)

Dan said...

We have just about stopped getting postcards since I posted the serial number on the web site... The special version the web company that did the site for the MS people got had the serial number code bypassed and what they paid for was the command line interface. I was very pleased that it took almost the exact amount of time I orginally estimated it would take me and I hadn't touched the code in 3 years. Took a few minutes to remember how to use the compiler but it all came back to me and now there is a cool site for helping to fight MS.

Speaking of fighting MS you all should join our team (my sister and mine) and ride in the MS150 in Colorado. Awesome views riding up to the royal gorge and around the colorado springs. They did an awesome job organizing it last year.

forkev said...

i chose the view in html option and got something in firefox. even in IE7 (beta) it's kinda buggy. maybe it's the beta, but a good idea, none the less.

i just purchased my 4th paintball gun, another tippmann 98 custom, with an aftermarket barrel... so if the bikes fall through, how about some welts?

k2h said...

I'd love to do the welt gun experience again but ALL of my vacation is going to the alaska trip this year. a full 3 weeks devoted to riding 6000 miles, and then taking a 4 day boat trip back. to top that off little bro sets up the wedding on the last weekend so I'll be riding 700 miles in a few days to catch the wedding. I won't need a tux, with all the road grime I'll be pre blackened.

if people want to do thanksgiving at our house this year we'd be happy to have you! we have 3 extra bedrooms, and if everyone lets me know ahead of time I'll make sure theres a decent bed in each one. bring the welt makers.

k2h said...

i was looking through the logs and it looks like the link through to is getting some hits. centarsia lives on.

k2h said...

someone was looking for this, heres the hit in the logs. its gotta be really rewarding for ya dan to see your work all over the web.