Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Way to Loose Customers

radio shack has been going down hill for a while. they never seem to carry what i think they should as an electronic parts type retailer. this evening i went to get an extension for my headphones. radio shack did have a couple of extensions.... for the big ol' sound board type jacks. nothing for the predominate 1/8" mini jack that most everything uses these days. i did find a male-male connector and i asked the lady at the counter if she could check to see if they had one with a female end on one side and a male on the other in the back or if they usually carry them. she looked at the package and said, "this is for connecting speakers to a computer. we don't carry everything here, we are just a retail store..." i wasn't asking what it was... i wasn't even asking her if what i wanted was in their store... i said i wanted to know if they were supposed to stock the one that i wanted.

fortunately the people at best buy had exactly what i wanted for $7. now i can sit another 6 ft away from my computer while watching videos. and the people at the store were pretty nice too. i don't think i'll think of radio shack as a first option for much of anything anymore. actually i should just stop takes too much effort.


forkev said...

this is why my pile of old electronics is becoming so valuable to me. it represents FEWER trips to the dreaded shack of the dead radio.

Sarah said...

We did a mystery shop at a Radio Shack and it was terrible. They actually tried to talk us out of the product they were supposed to promote.

Dan said...

Radio Shack, "You've got questions... We've got blank stares."

The only reason I will go to a radio shack is if I need some simple discrete components, resistors and the like. Oh, iff I need them in a hurry, otherwise it's cheaper to get them online.

k2h said...

RadioShack: You've got questions, so do we.