Wednesday, September 06, 2006

chair mat

I was out front cleaning my motorcycle, as its been over a week since coming back from the alaska trip and it still wasn't unpacked, and my next door neighbor came over to talk. ohh... a little more on the motorcycle since I started with that... the guys at work don't believe me that the trip wasn't a killer because I haven't ridden the bike since I returned. I keep trying to explain to them that the bike is packed (the custom luggage rack) and so dirty I'm even embaresed by it, but they arn't buying it. today was my only night off ( have class tue and thur) so I decided to work on it. it helped a little too that I voluntered to drive home to pickup a rush part to fix one of the machines, so that got me home by 3:30, a little extra time to clean. the price I pay for that is getting up at 5am, going in at 6am on thursday, where I will work until 6pm, uppon which time I will go to class for 3 hours, and then drive 50 miles home. I"m not sure if it was worth it... probably not.

so my next door neighbor comes over and thanks me for mowing her lawn all summer. I told her no problem, and we got talking about the housing market. turns out she still hasn't sold her house across town, and is paying two mortgages while she waits for the other one to sell. the kicker is, her old house is about 1 mile from my old house (which we sold, fortunatly) so we had a good ol' complain session on the local market.

I noticed a rollie chair mat in her garage and made an offhand comment that she might be getting rid of it. she said it was going out for the garbage, so, bottom line, I scored myself a rollie chair mat! I know its not big to you guys, but i've always wanted one and I have been holding out after I saw the price at the local store. ohh.. my bad, CHAIRMAT, i just now looked it up. $44 from staples for a 45"x53". I know petrolium is expensive, but COME ON.


forkev said...

free always makes it better.
My free waterbottle (nalgene knockoff) is so much better then my purchased one. oh, the free nalgene from shasta was good too (found in the snow).
lets see here, my socks, i purchased. pants; dumpster. shirt; 63 cents at old navy, and chair i'm sitting in; dumpster.
yup. i'm doing great!

palegreenhorse said...

score! i'm glad you got your floormat. did you wash my bike too? =)

k2h said...

no.. didn't get to your bike yet... i'll make time for it though, right after the house sells =)

Sarah said...

We're looking at buying another chair mat within a week or two (this one will be for Daniel's new spinner bike, of all things). That'd rock if we could get one free. I should ask on Freecycle.