Tuesday, September 26, 2006


ok.. i've really seen it all now killernic is a network card (that us usb onboard) build around an imbedded linux system. you can run programs in your network card. you buypass windows crappy network drivers and give the true burdon to the network card. intersteting idea.. i'm not sure if its worht $280 tho.


forkev said...

the new core 2 duo matched with vPro? technology from intel can offload the tcp/ip stack to an internal processor saving as much as 8% of the cpu. That whole setup WITH a blazing fast 4 core setup is less then 2k. I think that the linux card is a drop in the bucket for doing it right.

k2h said...

so your thinking server application as opposed to gamer games?

forkev said...

yup. any gammer that needs to save 3 ms on a ping has a mouse hand way more sensative then mine.