Friday, September 22, 2006

Get violent with that computer!

In this case, the video's worth a thousand words. The post shares some code that makes a MacBook respond programatically to a physical "smack" (it's actually more like a tap...). The sheer coolness of this has encouraged other people to port the code to other platforms, too.

All the details are here.


k2h said...

now that we have direct read of the accelerometer, lets mount the thing to the hood of my car so we can measure my 0-60 acceleration (and more importantly) my G-force in a turn or in a skid stop.

you could even strap it tightly to your back when you snowboard and see how hard you really fall.

palegreenhorse said...

i so love it! the one thing that totally rocks is that it is a motion that makes sense. it is like sliding a piece of paper around and so it isn't hard to remember what to do to make it happen.

oh ya and i liked the plug for eclipse... i know sarah hates java apps, but i like eclipse and it served me well for my dissertation.