Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm popular

I used toe like that song, Popular, by Nada Surf (lyrics)

anyway, maybe you've already seen this, maybe not. I tried it. Rather amusing.


forkev said...

alright, punks. who dialed me with the popularity dialer!
I was so expecting a call and this dude sounded like the guy I was expecting to hear from, and at the VERY end it was like 'this phone call was provided by the populatrity dialer'

that's just creepy.

forkev said...

only 5 calls to a given number, max.
bummer, this was gonna be prime target for my formfiller tool if someone steps up and tells me they did it. otherwise, i'll just have to blame my brother-in-law.

k2h said...

it wasn't me.. i just read the post.