Sunday, September 17, 2006

nerdy pizza

this dude describes his reversing a pizza recipee.


k2h said...

check out his plug for his company.. in reference to him solving the rubix cube in 20 seconds.. a complete string of words that to me means a little less than nothing.

"A Rubik's cube, despite it's 43 billion trillion permutations can be solved in 20 seconds because the permutation problem is incorporated into the solution from the very beginning. "

palegreenhorse said...

i started reading about his pizza but he spends too much time saying that other stuff isn't true. which he is right, but it gets a bit laborious.

k2h said...

i skimmed most of it. wow.. that due is either a chef, or he has WAY to much time on his hands. going as far as culturing your own cheese.... yeah.. thats a bit far. 6 DAYS in the fridge for the dough. yeah.. plan ahead for saturday night. and at 600-700 deg temps, your average home oven aint going to do this unless you perfect the

self cleaning cook.

Dan said...

He has perfected timing the self cleaning cycle for cooking did you read all of it??? he cut the latch off his oven and bypassed the light switch and has timed how long it has to heat to get to the right temp to throw in the pizza. I as impressed at his data collection with the ir temp sensor and using foil to reconfigure the heat of the oven was very... cool.

~ AH ~ said...

I have to post because I was looking at the comments and the word verification for a new post was horsi.

pizza sounds good though. maybe mexican pizza... mmm.

k2h said...

re dan
no.. I didn't finish reading it (I read it about an hour) I was just making up the self cleaning cook.... or so I thought. thats awesome he got it working!

whats next. a few 2 dollar clay pots from walmart and a 5 gallon bottle of propane? I guesse I better finish reading it before i throw at another 'wild idea'