Wednesday, September 13, 2006

dans new boat

the 118 wallypower is suppose to be in the movie the island so i'm going to have to watch it and see. at 110feet and 60 knots, carbon fiber hull and estimated $25 million sticker.. wow.. thats a boat.

is the name in honor of walmart?


Dan said...

That is one impressive boat, if I ever get a large amount of money, I'll rent one for a weekend.

I looked at the specs, namely the handling and speed being compared to costguard boats as well as the camaleon like skin... I believe one of there markes is ummm... well those with money and the need for speed ... That would be drug runners.

k2h said...

I watched "the island" and it is the best movie i've never heard of before. the boat is much bigger than I thought it was.

I give the movie a good recomendation. good scifi in the not to distant future.