Tuesday, January 25, 2005


funny antipiracy laws equate to audio like public radio and internet streams as 'permissible' because you can't... save them? - and they liscence music based on their audience instead of having to purchase a copy for each audience menber.

SOO - what ever happened to recording audio from the local radio station, hacking out what you like and saving it on your hd as your own personal mp3?

I got one better.
just load up winamp, connect to one of their Streaming Media: Internet Radio stations (all free)
pay attention to the servers ip address and port (ex
and then power up stream ripper to connect to that server and RE-SERVE that audio back to yourself (or anyone else on your WAN/LAN) and you save on bandwidth, AND get to keep what your listening to.
a few fancy flags when you launch it and it'll auto encode the mp3 title tags, and overwrite/refresh songs if they are larger (oh wait, maybe i do this by another .bat)
anyways, try out streamripper.
fire it up with something like
streamripper.exe -d C:\Output\ -r 8008 -s -u WinAmp/5.x -x -t

on a similary topic, THIS site looks like a cool list of rippers that may extend beyond audio and video. I've used teleport pro for many things. IT looks like i've got some things to upgrade to.


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palegreenhorse said...

nice! i enjoy having streaming audio but feel bad about the bandwidth usage (not real bad since i still do it at school). in order to encourage people not to stream audio the school should provide 5 stations or something that they repeat and thus decrease streaming... although that may still bog down the network...