Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Intradepartmental e-mail

"Our System Administrator, John K., has noticed that a computer called Dr. Evil in the Chemistry Building may have acquired a virus and is interfering with the network. If you know anything about Dr. Evil, please contact John at [email address deleted for privacy] or x4523.

Th\ank you for your cooperation."


forkev said...

i love corporate spam.
this one, however, is well worded.
why don't they just trace the computer, find it's mac address, then cut it off from the network with mac filtering?

palegreenhorse said...

yup, that's what i wanted to know. when i had to get a new ip (someone stole mine) they said that they needed my mac address to register to the ip address. guess they aren't that smart.

forkev said...

they need your mac to register you an ip, and then someone can take you IP?
what on earth. there is no service verifying mac / ip relationshiops?
did the maggot that took your ip also spoof your mac address, and now there will be network colisions?