Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Neverending Card.

I got this 'thing' from adventist world radio that was just awesome. I showed it to someone, and they described it as a 'neverending post card'. they throught it was awesome too and had never seen anything like it.

thanks to their descriptoin, i found the pattern for it on the web.
Overview, Pattern and Description.

make it. enjoy it. thank me.


~ AH ~ said...

ah, Kevin forgot to mention that this 'thing' he got from AWR actually came from me, who got it in the mail, and gave it to him after he requested a look at it...

palegreenhorse said...

kevin, kevin. get your facts at least loosely correct!
this reminds me of hexaflexagons that we used to make in grade school.

k2h said...

it sounds like alodia is the 'thing' master. =) jens the 'stuff' master.