Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the color brown.

alright nerds. get a load of what you can declare as a trademark and copywrite.


k2h said...

ok.. thats crap. especially if it does not come with an RGB color code. does that mean their clothing can just be brown and have a TM symbol on the sleve? what happens when it fades in the sun. RGB code is different than what they registered so they are misrepresenting themselves.. hmm.. interesting. maybe I should trademark the effects of UV light on the color brown.

k2h said...

i'm going to TM my name, so anyone that addresses me as 'hey keith' without permission is violating my TM and I'll just stick my hand out for a 5 spot.

forkev said...

"that is crap"

uhh. yeah. it is the color brown.