Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nerdy Weather Info

so i was talking with keith last night about the lack of really good nerdy information on the weather. today i found the fount of weather knowledge. i haven't even begun to explore this place but it is awesome! Western Regional Climate Center
for instance check out this map.


forkev said...

what a find.
i like the 1.5 billion $ loss from the ice storm in the north east.

that must have been one amazing storm.

k2h said...

from the map it looks like wyoming is about the safest place in the US to live. to bad theres no jobs there.

forkev said...

i think the oil industry has some pretty low paying hand numbing jobs ramming pipe into the ground.
that's how david breshears (filmed imax: everst) spent some teenage years in whyoming.