Tuesday, January 11, 2005

dice finalized senior project

news from the momma indicates dave has finalized his senior project.
and that's it.


palegreenhorse said...

ya dave let's hear the full nerd of it =)

btw i also heard from the momma that dave is officially dating a certain someone.

Janell said...

I don't suppose that certain some one is the same someone I saw him/you dave with at the Christmas vespers?

Congrats on the finalized senior project.

forkev said...

wow. and here i thought he was gonna be elligible for a refund for getting through college without a spouse.
now, that is jumping to conclusions, but at least the ball is rollin. I wonder how the studies fair? what's her major? who's the someone!

~ AH ~ said...

From the momma, I also heard gf's name is Gina. She's a theology/health major or something along those lines. There's also something about her living up here at one point, or going to UCA - something along those lines, I don't really remember. Oh, and she's a sophomore.

That's a little more info...

k2h said...

a sophomore?!! we'll never persuade dice to actually graudate

dice said...

Okay, okay, I know you have all been waiting to hear the official report. As you have heard I have been a little busy and this time not with school. As of January 1 about 1 am I am officially dating (as in I have a girl friend). Her name is Gina Grant and I would all kick you out a web address to her MASK photo but she has it blocked unless you log in. So, instead I have some sent Kevin some pictures that we took last weekend from our showshoeing trip. It was the hardest showshoeing I have ever done. Gina was a good sport though as it was her first time ever. She did almost kill me though because I wasn't showing enough signs of fatigue.
All the rumors that I read are true. Gina is a softmore taking theology and health she it thinking of switching that health to nursing though. I encouraged her to take nursing from CC if she was going to. It is a ton cheeper and I believe it is a better program as well. She has large ambitions of working over seas in parts of the world where life is not as comfortable as it is here in the states and there are many people who have never hear that there is a God that loves them and died so that they can freed from the oppression of sin.
Gina has one annoying little brother as ALL little brothers should be. He is only stuborn on principal though and is really a cool guy that is making his mark in the world as a CIS major freshman here at WWC. The family lives just down the street about half way to ANDY's. Gina's father Ed has his own plumbing buisness and her mother does some part time caregiving for an elderly lady.
Even though Gina has a stong cleric personality she encourages me to take charge. She loves poetry and tea. Humors me when I go off on technal things and then showers me with poetry that makes about as much since to me as a Picaso.
As far as school goes.... I am taking another 4 engineering classes plus seminar. Most of them are fairly easy though and I am looking forward to a good quarter. I have actually gotten to talk to the sergon that I am doing the senior project for. I have large ambitions of it being a simple design but I will not just stop at the design, my goal is to push it all the way to marketabilty. That is what the customer wants and that is what I will try and deliver.

Thanks for taking intrest and I will try to keep the gang up to date.


k2h said...

wow.. QUITE AN UPDATE?!!! you need to start doing some normal writing on nerdy tales.

'show some fatigue'. jen has said as much about me. i'm glad it runs in the family

'annoying as all little brothers should be'. you would konw wouldn't you... =)

'sr project for a surgeon'. what is your senior project?

'showshoeing' were you watching eachother shoe horses?

thanks for the update man!

dice said...

Well I can tell you more in person but I shouldn't be posting anything in open forums... I had to wait for three weeks before I could even be told what it was I was doing because of the lawers. I can tell you that there are fiber optic cables that are used in surgery to guid a laser beam. These cables are reused a few times and in the process of sterializing them they get all tangled up in a knot and from what I am told it is everyone's least favorite job to detangle these cords. This is my problem statement and I have to make something to solve the problem. There is more of course but that is what makes it special.

palegreenhorse said...

so my question is (since i have had no experience in this matter) how exactly do you officially start dating? do you go down on one knee and say, "sweetie, will you be my steady sweetie?" just curious.

as for the super knot... mmm sounds like an interesting problem. i'm thinking of a few solutions, but i look forward to actually seeing you sometime this year so i can see what your solution was. cool deal dave.

k2h said...

from the limited description of the problem i'd have to say the solution is the same as one of those mini retractable spring loaded coard roller-upper things, they make the for mini USB cords, headphone cords, cell phone charging cords.. just about anything you wouldn't want tangled. kinda like an automatic miniture garden hose roller thing.

hmm.. a second method... lubricate the outside of the cord so no matter what 'knot' it got in you could still pull really hard and it would come undone...

a third method.. make the cord out of lots of 2" segments so that you just unclip it instead of untangle it. ohh.. wait, it might get stuck in the body.. i mean patient.

4) fire the person that tangled it
5) make an intern untangle it
6) make it so cheep you could afford to throw it away
7) sell it to the patient as a novelty item to recoup the cost.
8) make fiber optic christmas trees "dr. style"
9) cut it into pieces with scissors and have 'lots of just right sizes'
10) make a way to splice a cut cable back together
11) outsource it to india
12) outsource it to china
13) outsource it to pakistan

dice said...

I am thankful for all of your suggestions but I have a feelign there is a reason that you are an electrical engineer and I am a mechanical engineer..... actually one of your suggestions is very close to what he wants but I have issues with it. Which one of course will be left conceled as to keep a certain since of suspence. I can tell you that oursorcing to packastan has been eliminited because it is more expensive to ship to packastan than india.

forkev said...

fiber optics?! splice?
what is keith smoking.
that's possible, but the splicing kits are pretty spendy, even on a large scale.
i like the retractable cable idea
but the lubricated outside, and the 'retraction' device may not be body cavity friendly.

also, a 'tool adon' may be the solution to facilitate LESS tangled cables. if it's forced to be straight outside the body, chances are it would not get tangled inside the body.

what are the handling procedures?
what are the specs on the cables?
what is the life span of a cable given it does not get tangled.
what are the costs associated with replacement instead of untie and repackage?
how many units are in service and what opportinuty do you have to break even after the leagal fees and pattent process?

~ AH ~ said...

so, I figured there was some way that I could get a picture or link to Gina's picture w/o logging into the WWC Mask. Wasn't sure how to do it, but I knew I could come up w/ something (even if it was the hard way). With the help of my awesomely smart man, I've come up with this (he knows the easy way): http://as.wwc.edu/mask/2004-2005/photos/web_full/20041373_1.jpg

k2h said...

alodia is the [wo]man! way to go!

dice said...

Thanks for the help with the picture Alodia. Even if it was having the idea and getting kev to dedicate a little time to the endever. You all have wounderful questions. Kevin I love the buisness perspective and in many ways I will probably be focusing on seeking that kind of help from the group. My DR. friend would be very cross and I am sure his lawers would be as well if someone in china downloaded the blueprints for a device to do what I am building off of some random blog and put us out of market. I have to say that there is more information that I am withholding that makes many of your ideas skewed in the wrong direction a little. For now this is not a bad thing. I appreciate the help but I don't want any of you loosing any sleep thinking in the wrong direction. ( I know keith didn't when he came up with his suggestions)