Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fast Flash!

I'm one of the masses of people working on this... It's fun to see the press release.


k2h said...

i like how they project the usage as hard drive buffers, and USB3. that got me thinking about all the limitations of 10 times the bandwidth for usb3 and all the associated cable loss and how the news hubs will have to look. it just gets all complicated and people really have no appreciation for the [computing] power they currently hold, and how this will continue to grow. people use all of this for office apps and spreadsheets. what a waste. I was glad to see the association with intel. even if we like AMD, theres no denying that intel is definatly KING. its good to be in bed with the king.

forkev said...

awesome. maybe Sony's new 24MB 35MM CMOS sensor at 6.3 frames per secnd can have a buffer fast enough for a long string of shots: dpreview news here