Saturday, February 02, 2008

big dig

Spokane local news KREM 2 promoted a cordinated event in at least 5 locations to dig out neighbors after an unrelenting week of snow. Alodia and I made it to their website slide show - including our friend Drew.

that yellow shovel has dug out jen's jeep, my subaru, and someone with rear-wheel drive just last week.

Big Dig

and US!


k2h said...

dude, that is SO AWESOME! that reminds me of rake and run at WWC. i love doing things like that. now be honest, how much of the stuff your wearing came from a dumpster? (or jen says "is more than 15 yrs old") we love how you represent middle class poverty of america. I feel like i need to do an adra gift to be sent to you.

forkev said...

alodia says I don't look like trash:
socks, hat, tshirt: mine (probably ShopKo).

glasses, jeans, sweatpants, shirt, black XXL jacket - dumpster.

and the old-backpack-stap found in a stream now-a-belt.

hey, those boots i've had since 8th grade? that's only like 12 years ago, right?

forkev said...

the shovels were a good investment.
old yeller was $30 (REI)
the orange one $2, and alodia's silver one 50 cents. (Garage Sales, summer)

palegreenhorse said...

shovel at 50 cents nice buy!

k2h said...

i agree with alodia, you didn't look like trash. its just that those of us that have known you long enough seem to recognize some reoccuring trends, and repeats. that was the clue. you looked fine. i doubt the station would have taken a picture of a bum digging out middle class.