Saturday, February 02, 2008

deki wiki

i've been up and running wiki on a stick for a few months now but i've about outgrown what I can do with it. there a few limitations which make it inadequate for what I need.

1) there is no simultaneous editing of content, as each browser loads the file and then if you save it while someone else is editing, then your saves won't be reflected when the other person saves. this makes perfect sense, and is a good example that this fulfills the personal wiki, and not so good in multi user environment.

2) you still need to do some html editing, which for me is no problem. but i'm extremely hesitent to ask anyone else to add content as most people don't know html, or even wiki markups. (shocking i know)

the tentative solution to these problems is deki wiki (also on sourceforge) which is about the coolest use of virtualization thus far. just download the virtual machine (linux) that already has it installed and configured, and then download the VM player (from vmware of course) and your up and running in no time. its really more of an appliance, the way good apps should be. I'm looking forward to trying to take it up a notch and deploy this.

for those of you venturing into virtualization, give this bad boy a look.

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forkev said...

hmm. simultanious editing. I've observed someone using my CMS a few days ago and one person had their editor open for a few hours, and then saved after I fixed a problem they called me about, effectively undoing my solution. (long tail history allows a revert to historical save point, but they were not paying attention and never realized the accident)

- I wonder how deki merges saves if it's edited simultaniously?