Saturday, February 09, 2008

simply hired

it seems is some how related to I think the same guys started it or something. at any rate, it is interesting to look at job trends and this site seems to be a pretty good meta search for jobs and job salary information. for example, just to check up on my old neck of the woods i did a search for all jobs with minden nv and learned that theres some new engineering gig in town at belcan (it looks super crusty old school). GE is still on the map too. searching for GE Minden shows me HR is expanding, more engineers and technicians are needed, sales has openings, lead engineer, manufacturing engineer, mechanical engineer, sales application engineer. a Product Line leader and a lean six sigma black belt for OC. wow.

I don't remember having a clean view to all the openings in GE when i worked there [let me be clear, I don't remember having a clean view of all legit, available jobs. just because they are posted external doesn't necesiarly mean they are real jobs, but its more likely as it costs to publish external]

Simply hired passes my first pass test.

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