Saturday, February 09, 2008

vista SP1

I was reading microsoft tech net to see what the future of vista holds with SP1. theres some pretty sweet technology coming our way. i'm not saying that as a fan of microsoft, but from the perspective that microsoft has to make their product work with all kinds of technology so they could be more if an indicator than small companies. i'm looking at it more from the view that if they are building in support, the tech is coming. improvements to filestructures, banwidth usage for remote desktops, all the way down to temporarily resize the screen for a projector. some may view it as lots of little things, but its all the little things that add up.

it always makes me feel better to find type-o's in these things, it makes me feel better about my disregard for such detail to know that others don't care.

Improves reliability of IPSec connections over IPv6 by ensuring by ensuring that all Neighbor Discovery RFC traffic is IPsec exempted.
SP1 RC has completed testing and it is projected that SP1 will be released at the end of Q1, 2008

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forkev said...

sp1 marks not a huge bug fix in my book, but the end of the road for vendors not doing their jobs and making their products compatible with vista WITH SUPPORT. you would not believe the headache being an early adopter causes our organization- software WORKS - and the vendors won't support it until sp1. Means more work for me, but thus far it's been worth it.