Monday, August 06, 2007

north pole by car

Top Gear freaks try to drive to the north pole.
or all video clips on one page.

Polar special 1/7
Polar special 2/7
Polar special 3/7
Polar special 4/7
Polar special 5/7
Polar special 6/7
Polar special 7/7


Keith said...

absolutely incredible!

(I love how the support vehicles were no where as 'tuff' as the main vehicle)

I wrote down a few memorable quotes during the first half, but then was to engrossed to do any more transcription:

"[on the huge toyota truck] the biggest change.... apart from the GUN that is...."

"i hate the cold, the way the clothing sounds, the zips and pockets, and I hate your stupid truck"

"..went to artic training camp.. they showed us what salami was.. and to be honest, our minds kept wondering [look at the crude picture of male anatomy the guy drew]"

"all the bears like to creap up on you when your taking a crap... so take your gun with you"

"we were then taught how to erect a tent in artic conditions.. our instructor was an ex special forces man that arived with a pixelated face [face pixelated in video]"

"[after having one guy pushed into solid ice water during training] you know what, i like to think of us as a unit on top gear, and as a unit, we've done that test!" [all three were suppose to jump in]

"your not very good at skiing.... thats because you taught me! you taught me the wrong kind! you taught me down hill, this is cross country! you might as well have taught me how to play the BANJO"

"and James was rubbish with the shotgun [james proceeds to look directly down the barel of a presumably loaded weapon]"

"who do you think is going to win this race?.... I think we are all going to die"

"[setting up the matt in the tent] I'd like to have words with the guy that designed this thing. you roll it out and then it just rolls back up. why didn't his boss just say to him JENKINS, you IDIOT, this is just rubish!"

"and look thats the bit of the seal the polar bear didn't fancy that day. maybe its still full. I hope it is"

"we discussed how we'd celebrate when we hit the pole.. and instead of champagne, you brought a tin of SPAM?"

k2h said...

oh my, from wikipedia

about the polar explorer missing the ends of fingers on his left hand

In 2000, he attempted to walk solo and unsupported to the North Pole. The expedition failed when his sleds fell through weak ice and Fiennes was forced to pull them out by hand. He sustained severe frostbite to the tips of all the fingers on his left hand, forcing him to abandon the attempt. On returning home, his surgeon insisted the necrotic fingertips be retained for several months (to allow regrowth of the remaining healthy tissue) before amputation. Impatient at the pain the dying fingertips caused, Fiennes removed them himself (in his garden shed) with a fretsaw.[1]

k2h said...

heres the dudes that made the truck

looks like the truck on top gear was NOT a standard offering.

forkev said...

your writeup and research brought the story to life. excellent.