Thursday, August 23, 2007


freecorder is a tool for recording from pretty much any audio source (hardware based of stream based) and goes straight into mp3. this should replace windows recorder, and i think the interface is simple enough to replace adacity for most things. (i haven't installed it yet, so i'm not totally sure)


forkev said...

awesome. I'm absolutely gonna play with it and put it on the church computer if it rings out good. the interface appears polished.

forkev said...

during install "Hint for blind customers; click next to install into all browsers"
I like these guys already.

forkev said...

seems to work great with default driver grabbing for audio being played, but attempting to get mic or line in working locks the app in winxp sp2 with firefox2 tool bar and have to hard reboot. Still playing with it, but it looks promising